Ik lust je Rauw:

“IkLustjeRauw” was founded in September 2007 by Francis Kenter, who at the time had been eating a raw vegan diet for 5 years together with her youngest son Tom. Conscious of the fact that our soil is exhausted by unilateral agricultural techniques and that our food therefore no longer contains all the vitamins and minerals that we need to stay healthy, she went looking for the best quality supplements and superfoods to make sure that her son would get all the nutrients he needed for his physical and mental development. And that worked out well 🙂 By eating a raw vegan diet, which contains no harmful substances that are difficult for the body to digest and the products from his mother’s company, Tom grew up to be a healthy and very clever young man.

IkLustjeRauw has a market stall on the Organic Noordermarkt in Amsterdam every Saturday – www.biologischenoordermarkt.nl

Various products can also be purchased online via www.iklustjerauw-shop.nl




Hof van Twello:

Hof van Twello is a unique visitor farm in the middle of The Netherlands. On our 12-hectare farm we grow fruit and vegetables, including special, forgotten and exotic varieties. All this can be seen by going on the barefoot path: this path takes you around the terrain and buildings and also past numerous other attractions. In our local shop – the largest daily local market in the East Netherlands -, the garden department with edible plants, shrubs and trees and in our cafe you can enjoy tasty and special food in a relaxed atmosphere. You are most welcome!

The company was founded by Gert Jan Jansen, former initiator and director of Xotus. Together with Laurette van Slobbe, he leads the Hof van Twello. Our team further consists of Angelique Bouwmeester and Miriam Aarnink (both of them in the shop) and cook Marco de Lange. In addition, more than 100 people are involved in Hof van Twello as a gardener, crowdfunder or volunteer, and there are also a few people working via an access to work scheme (mental/physical) and people doing community service.

For more information, visit www.hofvantwello.nl



As an entrepreneur in sports and exercise, owner B. Schouten has found a way to use exercise as a tool with which to contribute in the first instance to personal development thereby creating space for awareness concerning social, environmental and general ( global) health threatening aspects.

For more information, visit www.sportholistics.nl

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