A better world starts with myself, exerting influence by being an inspiration myself. The planet is under pressure and with it all life on our ‘mother’. Trying to manipulate this sad conclusion by asserting my influence is the main motivation for setting up this foundation.

How to exercise influence?
1) Do not spend energy in areas where you can not exercise influence!

2) Gaining energy from creating positive contributing situations!

3) Denouncing unknowingly opposing / boycotting forces, and creating awareness about this,

4) To reflect consciously opposing (destructive poisoning) parties and offer better alternatives, …
5) To create support for expansion and dissemination through motivation, motivate

6) Giving the silent majority strength and support through prominence and insight,

7) Putting the global priority to preserve our planet on the political agenda.

I started as a physical education teacher and had a positive influence on thousands of pupils who enjoyed lessons/situations in which they ended up being exposed in ‘my domain’ to situations that sometimes did not seem entirely positive to them at first.
Together we found out in 99% of the situations that everyone really wants to be ‘healthy’ but is not. Whereby it is a given that health in many cases is not concrete and clearly visible but almost always tangible.
For a healthy person has energy, empathy and above all, the tendency to develop himself, the so-called intrinsic development motive.
Health consists of a multitude of aspects. I thought that learning to move properly would be the basis of all-round good health. That turned out to be an illusion.

In my opinion governments give schools absolutely limited objectives that have been manipulated to stimulate the ultimate materialistic, consumption-oriented society. Behavior, feeling, happiness, health, connection and actual personal development are simply of secondary importance to performances in the field of, among other things, profession-specific specialties, income, work commitment, taxability, spending pattern, mortgage and ‘wealth’. Being successful in an urban society depends on housing, car, gadgets, number of holidays, mortgage and insurance to keep everything running.

When I realized how ‘disturbed’ it was that 3 days a week I had to leave my daughter crying in the crèche at 7.30 in the morning because I had to ‘earn money’ to be able to pay for my daughter’s daycare staff, as well as the impotence I felt in maintaining a healthy / loving relationship with other (less important) family members it suddenly became clear to me. These imposed ‘priorities’ that I thought were really important only distanced me from the person I actually wanted to be. Fortunately, I realized this with the following insights after an evening ‘RawFood at Master care’:

1) I can count myself among the 20% richest and most carefree world inhabitants, so I have a huge opportunity to occupy myself with development and growth, as opposed to survival, safety, struggle.
2) I have the opportunity to feed my physical body, and with it the development of my entire system and being!
3) I have the opportunity to be free and independent, to live intuitively and to choose what really feels best (with all its consequences, .. 🙂

These three pillars have ensured that I:
1) Stopped as a ‘gym teacher’ in an unhealthy system,
2) Stopped as a partner in an unbalanced marriage,
3) Stopped as a seeker in a ‘never enough’ expectation,
4) Started rediscovering who I really am,
5) Started with increasingly independent income, work
6) Started with a health project for schools, Sportholistics, etc.
7) Consumption of even more conscious nutrition,
8) Increase of even more intuitive movement,
9) Recognize and develop my real qualities,
10) Recognition of ‘connections’ that were sufficient and/or restrictive and deal with this accordingly….

In addition to running Sportholistics, setting up the WeRconscioUS non profit foundation is a logical consequence of 40 years of growth, experience, insight, lessons and the distinction between main and side issues.

I am at the same time nothing and everything, just like you!