More than 30 years ago I saw a report on TV in which beef cattle were heavily mistreated. As an animal lover I found that to be horrible, of course. The fact that these animals gave their lives in order to feed humans and to receive such a rotten life as a thank you made me decide that I no longer wanted to be part of that. After a lot of struggle with my mother, who was firmly convinced that eating meat was healthy, I actually stopped.

As a child you are not aware of where your food comes from, the food choice is made for you by adults who also do not know any better and who don’t think about it either or just put their “head in the sand”. For me it was very useful that I saw such information on TV so that I could make a conscious choice. Later I learned that meat is actually not so healthy for humans. Especially when it comes from the bio industry and is full of hormones. Drinking milk is another such myth that is maintained by the dairy industry. Milk is a rearing agent for young animals/people. Nature has made it so that the milk production stops when the young is big enough and no longer needs the milk because it can now get all it’s nutrients from solid food. Our food is depleted, which means that we can indeed incur shortages. But should we supplement those shortages with milk? And is it true that cooked food is indeed healthy? Or is that something we have been led to believe? Is it true that the chemicals being used in agriculture are not harmful to us? Or is that what we’re being told so that we continue to consume and the people poisoning us continue to earn? If we go a step further and look at the effect of our consumption on the world, think for example of transport or pollution during production, then it is good to wonder whether everything that comes from far away is really better and healthier for us. Exotic nuts are delicious, but homemade kale chips (from our own vegetable garden) are very healthy and is also a delicious snack.

Since I have started walking the path of awareness, I have also started looking beyond just the food. Which fables are being told by the health care industry? Why am I obliged to have Health Insurance that I do not want to use because nature gives me the best “medicine”? Does the news tell the real truth about what is happening in the world? Why are we still driving polluting vehicles while better alternatives have been available for decades? Could it be that all this has to do with money and power???
Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge, but to put that knowledge into practice I still find very difficult. I often fall into the pitfalls of unhealthy food and snacks and it shows on me. I carry around 25 kg too much and that is starting to annoy me. Although I eat vegetarian, rarely use dairy products, make conscious choices with regard to the personal care products I use, it is really time for the next step. For years I have been hoping that I can bring about a positive change in the life of someone else and now with the Foundation I actually get that chance. But with starting the Foundation came the realization that if I want to improve the world, I will have to start with myself. After all, a good example deserves to be followed!
So it is no coincidence that I founded the WeRconscioUS Foundation together with Francis and Bart. I met Francis when I came to her market stall as a customer a few years ago. Somewhere in 2017 we started talking about the changes we would like to see in the world, namely that people start to “wake up” and live more consciously. Francis proposed to ask Bart to think along too, since he shares the same ideas and has been putting them into practice for years now. Together we decided to set up a foundation. Hopefully we can also inspire you to live more consciously. We hope to see you at an event or lecture.